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About Jed Wieland Property

Jed Wieland

Jed Wieland has over 30 years experience in the property industry, in valuation, property management, and property management.

His experience spans employment contracts in the public and private sectors and involvement with property development and related activities since 1985.

Jed Wieland Property Limited is well qualified to act as the client's representative who will oversee a diverse range of complementary disciplines that are necessary for every stage of a successful property project and strives at all times to ensure that outcome meets expectations and wherever possible, exceeds them.

Jed Wieland Property Limited is all about creating outcomes for property that 'fit', whether they are for:

    Landowners, who wish to
  • Develop a vacant lot
  • Create property investment to hold or sell

  • Building owners who need to
  • Retain a tenant whose lease is expiring
  • Relocate an existing tenant into another building they own or would like to buy
  • Re-let a vacant building
  • Make alterations to their buildings to suit tenancy or operational needs
  • Remodel a building and make it appeal to a changing market
  • Respond to opportunities made possible by a changing market
  • Have someone assist them with day to day property management issues like rent reviews, lease negotiations, compliance and maintenance

  • Tenants who are seeking to
  • Find a new location, site or building
  • Work with a landlord to establish a long-term working relationship
  • Find a building that can be built, reconstructed or expanded to fit their needs
  • Work within a budget that is competitive and tailored to their needs

  • Companies who generally need assistance with
  • Finding new premises and require the services of a professional who will assist with all the complexities of designing, building, financing their project
  • Have someone on hand to attend to the wide range of issues that arise with property from time to time on an as-and-when-required basis
  • Sorting out lease issues and negotiating outcomes on their behalf